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Ultra-light Kids Wood

Ultra-light Kids Wood

Legendary for over ten years -
the Lefima ultra-light drums

Lefima started the beginning of the 21st century with their ultra-light drums, a line of various drum types which set completely new benchmarks in the field of marching percussion.

The use of alternative materials and a unique lug technology made possible a new generation of marching drums with such low weight that this was honored in the Guinnessbook of the Records! Because of the reduced mass attached to the shell, these instruments gain tremendous power that predestines these drums for playing outside.

The sensational low weight is combined with modern lug technology. These drums feature a very dynamic articulation by response optimization.

Product Features

Mini Lugs made from light metal
The key factor within the design of the lugs was sturdiness and low weight. The use of aircraft alum...
Stainless Carrying Ring
If a snare drum is carried with a sling the drum gains hold by an additional stabilisator strap that...


Light Mini Strainer
This strainer comes from the design line of our ultra-light drums and is characterized by its extrem...
Repositionable Ring Control
This ring control is the easiest method to dampen overtones. Unlike other ring controls the Lefima r...
Multi-angle Carrying Bar
Traditional and “matched-grip” playing positions are both possible. To carry a drum with either a Le...
Leg Rest
The 600 series leg rests are super padded and made entirely from stainless steel. This l...

Additional Equipment

Wooden Rims
For all who prefer ultra-light drums with  wooden rims get the advantages of the UNS unbeatable...
Scratch Protection
The brilliant-hue „white“ and the satin-hues „Melon, Orange Flasch, Smoke, Chilli, Alert, Mamba, Liz...


2 holes Snap-on Carrying Bar
This carrying bar is placed within the inner perimeter of the rim improving the drum’s center of bal...
Swivel Leg
These new legs protect your instrument while resting on the floor and can be easily and swiftly fold...
Carrying Bar
This historic carrying bar is made from robust cast and firmly attached to the wooden rim.
Flexible Leg Rest
All flexi-series leg rests are super padded and adapt to the movements of the thigh with every step....
Internal Tone Control
The pressure of this permanently installed muffler is infinitely adjustable and can also be turned o...
Add-on Legs
Legs protect your instrument against damage and dirt when putting it down. These small ...
Our Soft-Bags for bass drums are super padded and provide almost as much protection as a traditional...
Plug & Play Carrier
As the name “Plug & Play” implies - simplicity is the key to this carrier system: Extremely comf...
ZDH Carrier
The ZDH Carrier Program is competitively priced The shoulder bails are infinitely height...
Carrying Slings for Parade Snare Drums
Self-balancing carabiners prevent that the sling from cutting into the body. Available in black...
Carrying Slings for Side Drums
All carrying slings are made from high-quality genuine leather or textile. Self-balancing cara...
The belt can be used with an additional cross sling and a carrying eagle.
Stick Holder
The stick holder is easily attached to the belt and offers convenient and practical storage for a pa...
Quickport Carrying Hook
Unlike a conventional sling this carrying hook is stiff and greatly decreases the sidewise swiveling...
Snap-on Legs
Legs protect your instrument against damage and dirt while resting on the floor. Clamp d...
Snap-on Leg Rest
This comfort model features a wide padded rest. It can be easily clamped where required anywhere on ...
Snap-on Lyre
Clamp directly at the rim, vibration-free; individual snap-on positioning. The inclinati...

Versions and variants to "Ultra-light Kids Wood"

Design features

ultra-light built waterproof bonded plywood shell, chromed triple-flanged rims, light strainer #ZA-ABH-0467-000, removable ring control, snap-on multi-angle carrying bar (stainless steel), extra padded leg rest of the 600-series (stainless steel), tuning key
This drum series is not made for higher head tension.

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Appropriate indicated instruments and accessories are especially suitable for professional marching drummers who frequently walk long distances with their equipment. The design especially aims at low weight, high ease of operation respectively ergonomy and carrying comfort.
Right at the beginning of the 20th century Lefima set completely new benchmarks with the ultra-light drums in the field of marching percussion.<br /> The use of alternative materials and a unique lug technology made possible a new generation of marching drums with such low weight that this was even honoured in the Guniessbook of the Records. Because of the reduced mass attached to the shell, these instruments gain tremendous power that predestines these drums for playing outside.<br /> Since 2006 the weight of the ultra-light drums was reduced about an additional 15% while preserving the magnificent sound quality.
This article can be transported easily by either a very compact design or a volume that can be scaled down.
On request, this drum can be delivered with black batter head.<br /><br />
Our unique bonded plywood guarantees absolute roundness and remarkable light weight coupled with super sturdiness. Our specially formulated acoustic adhesive allows cross ply vibration that closely mimics a solid wood construction.
Because of either a low weight or an ergonomic design this article is especially back preserving.
This drum features a multi-angle carrying bar where carrying hooks can be hooked in at different positions and thus the tilting of the drum can be changed individually. All Lefima multi-angle carrying bars are made from stainless steel and feature extreme durability.
This article features a high comfort concerning carrying and handling.
The possibility of tuning bothe heads separately provides an optimal tuning ability and thus sound quality.
This modular system can be enlarged by further accessories.
This drum features a muffler.
Carier compatible instruments kann be carried with the Lefima harnesses without any further accessories. That are e. g. the “Plug & Play-”, “ZDH-“ and “Flexi-“ Carriers.
This drum features a leg rest.
Item-# Shell/Bowl (Inch)Shell/Bowl (cm)Batter headSnare headTension ScrewsHoop mateialWeight (lbs / kg)
MP-PUL-1208-2HM 12" x 8,5" 30,5 x 22,0 WeatherKing Coated WeatherKing 10 2.1
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