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Dresden Timpani

Continuing a Legend

Dresden Timpani

Continuing a Legend

The production of a world class concert timpani requires the manual skill and a lot of know how that we gained in over 70 years of manufacturing. For us making timpani is tradition.

It is our mission to manufacture timpani for the finest orchestras in the world. Our meticulous knowledge of acoustics and materials, combined with our team of highli qualified specialists, helb us produce superior timpani. Attention to deatail and close cooperaton with the musican himself insure that unique instruments are built for the specific requirements of the respective orchestra. Superior sound is our goal. Technical features are integrated into traditional design in order to assist the musican in his artistic work.

The manufacture of the basic rack demands the highest precision

The whole rack and especially the bowl support have to be tension-free and round so that the timpani will not contort and the bowl won't buckle. These are crucial prerequisits for brilliant sound and good intonation.

Forging the bowl is a science

Besides the carefull selection of the finest materials, a knowledge of the numerous different manufacturing techniques is necessary to obtain an equal thickness of the metal and to guarantee the roundness of the bowl. Over the decades we permanetly optimized the dimensions of the bowls with regard to their shape. This and a special manufacturing technique create a warm and very voluminois sound. In addition each bowl of an AEHNELT Concert Timpani is hand hammered and compressed. One of the most difficult steps is the meticulous adaption of the bowl to the basic rack.

AEHNELT Timpani are not mass produced!

All its 325 single parts are produced by hand with great thproughness and attention to detail. The whole ball bearing mechanism is maintenance-free and manuifactured from best tempered stell which is in addition hard chromed. The slide bearing grips the center bolt and is self-lubricating.

Product Features

Hand forged Copper Bowls
In addition to the choice of finest raw materials a high knowledge of the numerous processing techni...
Hand Hammered Bowl
The sound finally is determined by the knowledge of hammering. The manufacture of a concert tim...
The Wedding of Bowl and Rack
With meticulous precision, the shape of the frame’s suspension ring is worked. It must correspond ex...
Steel Counterhoop
The vertical side extremely reinforces the rim. This leads to a maximum of firmness and so guarantee...
Counterhoops in Rack Colour
Matching with the colour of the timpani rack, the counterhoop can be coated in the same hue.
Fine Tuner
Fine Tuner Handle The fine tuner handle fits comfortably in the hand and has a...
A visible mark shows the possible travel of the thread
Berlin AP-Pedal (infinitely)
The AP-pedal is absolutely reliable and keeps tension precisely. The parts of the mechanism are made...
Ergonomic Release Lever
Its’ curved shape follows the form of the shoe and facilitates a comfortable quick and easy pedal re...
Pedal Return Assistance
AEHNELT timpani have a sensitively balanced system of levers. This provides pedal action with “natur...
Head Locks
The locking of four tension screws prevent head slippage during transport. The screws remain movable...
Foot Rest
Especially when playing while sitting, the foot rest that is integrated into the timpani base is a u...
Levelling Screws
Four levelling screws are integrated into the base for compensating floor bumps up to 5 centimeters ...
Tension Screw Insulator
The bushes center the screws on the one hand, whereby they can be turned very easily. On the other h...
Precision Tuning Gauge
Well visible movable tone letters are mounted on a non-dazzling rail.


Octopus Tuning Key
Because of its octagon this key guarantees quick placement on the screws without „searching“.
Renaissance Heads are similar to natural skin heads with regards to sound and appearance. They ...
Kalfo Calfskin Head
The sound of natural skins is unmatched! Tucking a natural skin requires experiance and s...
Kalfo Goatskin Head
The sound of natural skins is unmatched! In contrary to calfskin heads goatski...

Additional Equipment

Head Change Aid
In case of a head change, a spring neutralizes the weight of spider, tension screws and counterhoop....
Matt-chromed Counterhoops
The manufacturing procedure of matt-chromed counterhoops is quite complex. Here, the advantages of a...
High-gloss Chromed Counterhoops
These counterhoops are hand-polished, then preserved in a complex electroplating with an lining of c...
Dresden AP-Pedal (infinitely)
The AP-pedal is absolutely reliable and keeps tension precisely. The parts of the mechanism are made...
Colour Examples
Design Example Vintage
This timpani set refers by the extraordinary appearance to old instruments. The bo...


LogiCase with Ramp
By only one person, the trunk can be loaded over a short ramp that is integrated into the door and t...
LogiCase with sledge
For orchestra staff which is used to the retractable bottom mechanism (slide). The extrem...
Single-use Trunk
This case is the simple variant of a transport case and is only used to protect a timpani on its’ wa...
Pull-Over Cover
It encloses the complete instrument and protects the whole mechanism and the pedal. Made from hard-w...
Snap-on Head Protector
Simple to put on, keeps position with a magnetic device, without the use of straps or locks.

Versions and variants to "Dresden Timpani"

Design features

Handhammered copper bowl, infinitely fixable Berlin Pedal, finetuner with silent acting pistol grip, counterhoop made from angle steel, lacquered in rack colour, 4 head locks, 4 totaly fixable brake castors, 2 chromed levelling screws, Octopus tuning key, precision tuning gauge adjustable from the player’s side (adjustable letters with tone names, solfege on demand), playing height 85 cm (33.5½), colour gold-metallic
Item-# Shell/Bowl (Inch)Shell/Bowl (cm)TonerangeHeadsTension Screws
KP-DRE-0021-000 21" 54,0 e - c siehe "Ausstattung" // see "equipment" 8
KP-DRE-0023-000 23" 57,0 d - b siehe "Ausstattung" // see "equipment" 8
KP-DRE-0024-000 24" 59,5 c - a siehe "Ausstattung" // see "equipment" 8
KP-DRE-0025-000 25" 63,0 H - g siehe "Ausstattung" // see "equipment" 8
KP-DRE-0026-000 26" 66,5 A - f siehe "Ausstattung" // see "equipment" 8
KP-DRE-0028-000 28" 72,0 F - e siehe "Ausstattung" // see "equipment" 8
KP-DRE-0029-000 29" 74,0 E - c siehe "Ausstattung" // see "equipment" 8
KP-DRE-0030-000 30" 77,0 D - H siehe "Ausstattung" // see "equipment" 8
KP-DRE-0031-000 31" 78,5 C - A siehe "Ausstattung" // see "equipment" 8
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