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Glockenspiel "Switch"

Hand dampening system

Glockenspiel "Switch"

Hand dampening system

An easily accessible hand operated lever provides a reliable and effective adjustable dampening system

This portable glockenspiel is the ideal choice for travelling or for integration in a set-up, which leaves no room for a foot pedal. It features an easy to use hand-damper; the dampening effort is infinitely adjustable and the damper can also be completely switched-off. The bars correspond to those of the HPG and EPG models.

Product Features

Notation - Sound
Abnehmbarer Kofferdeckel
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Vibration-neutral Suspension of Bars
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Bars made from light metal
The bars are made from a specially alloyed light metal which is responsible for a brilliant and well...
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Playing Height Comfort Adjustment
The travel of the damping pedal remains unchanged!


Bar Extension Set
With the bar extension set the HPGL 2.5 can be enlarged to a full 3 octaves instrument.(f' - f'''')
Foldable Stand
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Versions and variants to "Glockenspiel "Switch""

Design features

Freely suspended bars made from a special aluminium alloy, sensible hand damper, 1 pair of sticks
Item-# TonerangeMateriallenght(cm)Weight (lbs / kg)
KM-HHG-F1F4-000 f‘ – f‘‘‘‘ Leichtmetall / light metal 94 9.0
KM-HHG-G1C4-000 g‘ – c‘‘‘‘ Leichtmetall / light metal 94 8.1
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