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Head Service for Timpani and Drums

Distribution and stock of premium quality natural and plastic heads.

  • Kalfo Super Timpani calfskin heads, prime quality, in a range of thicknesses

  • Regina Goatskin heads for timpani, also in a range of thicknesses

  • Remo Renaissance heads with aluminum insert rings (other plastic heads available on request)
  • Tucking of natural timpani skins on to your existing fleshhoops
  • Tucking of natural timpani skins on to new fleshhoops made from galvanized high-quality steel
  • Tucking of natural drum skins on to your existing fleshhoops
  • Tucking of natural drum skins on to new wooden fleshhoops or our “permanent fleshhoops” made from special torsion-resistant aircraft aluminium. These hoops are chamfered in order to provide a clearance from tension screws.
  • Special smoothing of the edge area of Renaissance heads


Old instruments can be polished again, so that they shine like new.

  • Removal of rust with new chrome or nickel plating of all parts
  • Removal of lacquer and repainting of bowls or frames
  • Manufacture of missing cranks and tuning keys
  • Bulging bowls
  • Sandblasting

Tour Check

A professional service at an attractive fixed price.
Ensure your instruments are functioning perfectly before heading out on the road.
This pre tour service includes the checking of heads and other stressed or worn mechanical parts and the repair or replacement of damaged parts to ensure correct functioning.

Accessory Service

If you want to equip your instruments with accessories, you should be beware of the following:

With the customer in mind we recommend using Lefima original accessories and certified Lefima accessories for your instruments. Our products have been thoroughly checked for suitability reliability and safety. We cannot guarantee products made by other manufacturers or offer any warranty on products or parts not manufactured by ourselves.
Our accessory service also includes expert advice and professional installation where requested. Lefima carry a range of instrument care products, readily available spare parts and an extensive selection of replacement heads.
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