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Tension pure!


Tension pure!

Drums are one of the first instruments of mankind.

From ancient times, they work with a rope that holds the head in place and with that the pitch is changed.
Our Historic Field Drums correspond to the traditional model. They are played without snare wires or gut snares.

Product Features

Stainless Carrying Ring
If a snare drum is carried with a sling the drum gains hold by an additional stabilisator strap that...
Leather Tensioners
Its shape is based on historical models, which has been optimized over time by us. The inside of the...

Additional Equipment

Scratch Protection
The brilliant-hue „white“ and the satin-hues „Melon, Orange Flasch, Smoke, Chilli, Alert, Mamba, Liz...
Rope Colours
Other rope colors are available on request.
Tensioner Colours
Other tensioner colors are available on request.
Wire Snare
The drum comes with snare bed, strainer and corresponding snare side head.
Unbeatable Rim Protector
Only a few centuries ago wood has been hardened in the fire. We developed a method to make wood...


Add-on Rim Protectors
This edge protector consists of an extremely impact resistant plastic covered steel netting. Simply ...
Plug & Play Carrier
As the name “Plug & Play” implies - simplicity is the key to this carrier system: Extremely comf...
ZDH Carrier
Adequate Adapters This adapter operates with any drum, which possesses a multi ang...
Rucksack Bag
Our soft-bags for drums are super padded and thus almost perform the task of cases. The surface mate...
Carrying Bar
Traditionally field drums are played at the side of the body. Who prefers carrying the instrume...
Carrying Slings for Parade Snare Drums
Self-balancing carabiners prevent that the sling from cutting into the body. Available in black...

Versions and variants to "Historia"

Design features

waterproof bonded plywood shell, rims made from torsion resistant hard wood, rope, genuine leather tensioners, 2 ring mufflers, 2 carrying rings
On request, this drum can be delivered with black batter head.<br /><br />
For this drum only high-quality materials are used: drum cover material, glue and lacquering resists temperatures up to 100°C (210°F).
Our unique bonded plywood guarantees absolute roundness and remarkable light weight coupled with super sturdiness. Our specially formulated acoustic adhesive allows cross ply vibration that closely mimics a solid wood construction.
At this article all stressed components are completely rust-proof. It can even be used in rain and needs not necessarily be dried afterwards.
Unbeatable Edge Protection for Rims<br /><br /> A special substance combines in a specially developed procedure with the wood of the drum rim* and so provides the rim edge an extremely durable protection. The durability of the whole rim is considerably prolonged.<br /> Rims with Unbeatable Edge Protection can be delivered in any colour and with any design and can even be stained.<br /><br /> (*The rims of the mega-light CarboDrums are made from metal and are originally very resistant; also the carbon fibre rims of the other mega-light drums are extremely impact resistant.)
Item-# Shell/Bowl (Inch)Shell/Bowl (cm)Batter headSnare headTension ScrewsHoop mateialWeight (lbs / kg)
ML-HSL-1419-2HH 14" x 19" 35,5 x 48,0 Mondo WeatherKing 8 Lederspanner Holz 3.4
ML-HSL-1424-2HH 14" x 24" 35,5 x 60,0 Mondo WeatherKing 8 Lederspanner Holz 3.7
ML-HSL-1519-2HH 15" x 19" 38,0 x 48,0 FiberSkyn WeatherKing 8 Lederspanner Holz 3.7
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