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Glockenspiel "To Go"

Functional with excellent tonal characteristics!

Glockenspiel "To Go"

Functional with excellent tonal characteristics!

Lefima glockenspiels combine excellent sound characteristics with operating comfort and unique portability.

These high quality concert instruments extend far beyond their price range. The well tempered bars tuned by hand using the latest modern electronic technology that results in a harmonically pure and well balanced sound. Both the bars and the frame are manufactured from a lightweight metal and the stand is very quickly set up and dismantled.

The professional vibration-neutral suspension of the bars via a transverse bore guarantees optimum tonal quality. The instrument is mounted on a lockable trolley.

The damper pedal is effective and easy to control. The damper is adjustable allowing separate adjustment for low and high notes.

The height of the instrument is infinitely adjustable. (85 - 95 cm) This does not affect the travel of the pedal.

Product Features

Snap-on Set-up
By the snap-on principle, both instrument and stand can be linked in a second. – comfortably without...
Playing Height Comfort Adjustment
The travel of the damping pedal remains unchanged!
Solid and distortion resistant multiplex and shock protected corners make this trolley very sturdy. ...
Holster for Mallet Storage
A special holster guarantees a secure storage of 1 pair of sticks.
The intonation of the instruments refer to the standard pitch a' = 440 Hz. The frequencies in other ...
Notation - Sound
Bars made from light metal
The bars are made from a specially alloyed light metal which is responsible for a brilliant and well...
Pedal Damper
The pedal acts very sensitively and directly. It can be positioned individually and can be integrate...
Adjustable Damper Horizontal
The adjustable damper horizontal guarantees a separate adjustment at low and high notes. So the soun...
Vibration-neutral Suspension of Bars
Like at professional high-end instruments, the vibration-neutral suspension of the bars is solved by...
Abnehmbarer Kofferdeckel
When the case is open, the top can be detached for playing. At the same time it is the main part of ...



Bar Extension Set
With the bar extension set the HPGL 2.5 can be enlarged to a full 3 octaves instrument.(f' - f'''')

Versions and variants to "Glockenspiel "To Go""

Design features

Infinitely adjustable playing height, freely suspended bars made from a special aluminum alloy, sensitive pedal damper, adjustable damper horizontal for separate adjustment at low and high notes, extremely quick set-up by magnetic support without screws, light wooden resonance frame mounted in sturdy case, case top detachable; for transport the stand can be folded and stored inside the case which is designed as trolley. The indicated weights are without stand.
Item-# TonerangeMateriallenght(cm)Weight (lbs / kg)
KM-HPG-F1F4-000 f‘ – f‘‘‘‘ Leichtmetall / light metal 94 16.5
KM-HPG-G1C4-000 g‘ – c‘‘‘‘ Leichtmetall / light metal 94 15.6
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