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So big small can be!
Fully functional mini timpani
for collectors and enthusiasts


Fully functional mini timpani for collectors and enthusiasts

This fully functional masterpiece of miniature medeling is a jewel in the field of concert percussion instruments: A completely assembled miniature timpani consisting of 66 parts with genuine natural head in scale 1: 28

The hand-made faithful replica of a Baroque screw-tuned timpani is a little piece of art, a preziose and a valuable collector's model. A must for living room, rehearsal room or cabinet! Each of the 66 items was masterfully and with much attention to detail copied in scale 1: 28. Many gorgeous details catch the eye: the bowl made of hammered antique copper, a real natural skin head, filigree wing tabs casted in aluminium, screw threads fine as parts of a quality clockwork, ... The highlight: The miniature is supplied fully assembled and features a fully functional tuning mechanism that makes the model completely ready to play. Also the wooden cross-stand is rue to the original. It can be adjusted and even folded.

Product Features

Narrow Historic Counterhoops
These counterhoops follow historic patterns. Painted in forged-iron look
Tab Screws
The tuning screws feature beautiful wing tabs casted in aluminium. The filigree cut screw ensures th...
Copper Bowl in antique style
The copper bowl is hammered according to the original. As with its big sister, also this bowl obtain...
Receivers as well as rosettes with thread are replications oft he originals in scale 1 : 28 Pa...


Real Natural Skin
It would not be an authentic baroque timpani without a natural skin head. This thin natural skin is ...
Wooden Cross Stand
This beautyful wooden cross is made from stained and lacquered beech wood. It features a memmory fun...

Versions and variants to "Miniatura"

Design features

Hammered copper bowl with antique patina, counterhoop and fittings in forged-iron look, tab screws, turned height adjustable foldable wooden cross stand
Item-# Shell/Bowl (Inch)Shell/Bowl (cm)TonerangeHeadsTension ScrewsWeight (lbs / kg)
PA-SPB-0008-00V 8" 20,0 cm - Naturfell 6 1.5
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