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Hulzern G'lachter

Hulzern G'lachter

All LEFIMA Mallet Instruments are well-tempered hand-tuned with most modern electronic devices according to Werckmeister III. a' =  442, 443, 444 Hz. (Please indicate when ordering)

The intonation of the instruments refer to the standard pitch a' = 440 Hz. The frequencies in other octave ranges are adopted.

Versions and variants to "Hulzern G'lachter"

Design features

Freely suspended bars made from rosewood, 5 sturdy support rails, instrument can be folded for easier transport, 1 pair of  special mallets
c’-c’’’’(3 Oktaven)
Item-# TonerangeBar width x lengthlenght(cm)Weight (lbs / kg)
HM-OX4-C1D4-042 c’-c’’’’(3 Oktaven) 3,0 x 2,0 84 cm 6.6
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