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Belted timpani

Seven at a stroke!

Belted timpani

Seven at a stroke!

At the beginning of the 3rd Millennium, it was time to develop a timpani with that more than contemporary music of the 18th and 19 Century can played. The belted timpani combines seven benefits in one instrument: a central tuning mechanism, fast pitch change, maintenance-free mechanism, tuning gauge, good portability, light-weight at an affordable price.

The belt mechanism (Pat.) which is also in the high octave range very easy to handle, allows the timpani to be used for Bach over Mozart till Beethoven far beyond baroque music.  The turning of all tuning screws at the same time with only one crank allows a central fine tuning even when using calf heads and a retuning of a tone range of one octave with only a flick of your hand. For the tuning crank you have two possibilities to insert on each timpani, fully complying with your requests. This enables a further use of an already one-sided played head without any effort only by turning the whole instrument. With the tuning key that is integrated to the crank, the head can be easily tuned from above.

The maintenance-free and absolutely quiet working belt mechanism is located completely under the counterhoop. No across going wires, no tension screws that project beyond the bowl edge, no sound blocking mechanism inside the bowl. A changing of the head can be done as usual, as the complete mechanism is attached to the counter hoop.

The tuning gauge equipped as standard, owns an adjustable indicator and adjustable letters and can be repositioned very quickly from German to American playing style and vice versa.

Product Features

Steel angle counterhoop
The steel angle profile is responsible for a maximum of strength and therefore guarantees a fine tun...
Tuning mechanism
The tuning mechanism, that only needs little power to be handled, can be used central with a snapped...
Tuning gauge
Every belted timpani owns a tuning gauge with adjustable pointer and displaceable letters. It can be...
Copper bowls
The copper bowls are hand-forged and in addition high-gloss polished. Then the copper is sealed with...
Head lock
An integrated head lock avoids a shift of the counterhoop while transporting; the timpani is therefo...


Wooden cross stand
With this stand you can adjust exactly your preferred playing height. (low for playing while sitting...
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The upper part of the bag is a very sturdy head protector, which also covers the whole mechanics. Fo...
Snap-on head protector
To protect the head and the counter hoop, a wart resistant covering in wooden optics is used. Becaus...
Wooden cross stand
With this stand you can adjust exactly your preferred playing height. (low for playing while sitting...
LogiCase for Belted Timpani
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Versions and variants to "Belted timpani"

Design features

Handhammered shiny copper bowl, maintenance-free tuning mechanism underneeth the counterhoop (pat.), steel-angle counterhoop and fittings in texture black, integrated head-locks, combi tuning key, tuning gauge (adjustable letters with tone names, solfedge on demand), hand-turned height adjustable foldable wooden cross stand with levelling screw for compensating floor bumps
Item-# Shell/Bowl (Inch)Shell/Bowl (cm)TonerangeHeadsTension ScrewsWeight (lbs / kg)
PA-RP0-0018-00 18" 46,0 d - c see "equipment" 6 11.8
PA-RP0-0020-00 20" 50,0 e - d see "equipment" 6 12.2
PA-RP0-0021-00 21" 54,0 d - c see "equipment" 6 13.6
PA-RP0-0023-00 23" 57,0 H - a see "equipment" 6 14.2
PA-RP0-0024-00 24" 61,0 A - h see "equipment" 6 14.5
PA-RP0-0025-00 25" 63,0 G - g see "equipment" 6 14.8
PA-RP0-0026-00 26" 66,0 F - f see "equipment" 6 15.8
PA-RP0-0027-00 27" 68,0 F - e see "equipment" 6 16.2
PA-RP0-0029-00 29" 72,0 E - d see "equipment" 6 16.8
PA-RP0-0030-00 30" 77,0 D#-c see "equipment" 8 17.8
PA-RP0-0031-00 31" 78,0 D - H see "equipment" 8 18.2
PA-RP0-0035-00 35" 89,0 G - f see "equipment" 8 20.1
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