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The drum for the 3-hole flute


The drum for the 3-hole flute

Medieval markets and contemporary re-enactment became very popular during the last decade. Remakes of clothing and arms accompany replicas of musical instruments.

The Tabor is a traditional double headed rope tension drum that accompanies a 3-hole flute or pipe. The drum is held with the same arm that holds the flute and is played and beaten with the free hand.

Product Features

Hand-made leather tensioners
These tensioners are hand-sewn from antique leather
Hemp rope
The rope is made from genuine hemp, one of World’s the oldest agricultural crops. Hemp and flax have...
Antique walnut
A special patina gives the instruments that individuality that breathes the mist of centuries. A tou...


Gut Snare
The typical sound of the Tabor is produced by a gut snare underneath one head. It can be tightened b...
Narural Skin
Equipping a drum with an animal skin was standard until the 1950’s. It’s a “must” for a historic ins...

Versions and variants to "Tabor"

Design features

waterproof bonded plywood frame in antique walnut, genuine hemp rope, hand sewn genuine leather tensioners in antique appearance, incl. Special stick
Item-# Shell/Bowl (Inch)Shell/Bowl (cm)Batter headSnare headTension ScrewsLeather tensionersWeight (lbs / kg)
HT-TAB-1204-002 12" x 04" 30,5 X 11,5 Kalbfell Kalbfell - 16 0.8
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