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Legal Information about this website

We welcome your visit to our website and your interest in our company and our products and want to offer you an innovative and informative Internet site. Please understand, however, that we need to protect our intellectual property, including patents, trademarks and copyrights, and these websites can not grant any license to the intellectual property of Lefima GmbH. By accessing and browsing the web site you agree, without limitation or qualification, to the following conditions. The Lefima GmbH reserves the right to change the Terms at any time without notice or supplement.

All content of this Internet site are protected by copyright. The content may only be downloaded for the purpose of advertising LEFIMA / AEHNELT PERCUSSION, with modification or further reproduction is prohibited. They may not be copied in any form without written permission of Lefima GmbH or used on the above framework. The Lefima GmbH will make every effort to provide on this web site the most current and accurate information, but makes no representation or warranty regarding the accuracy, timeliness, completeness or quality of the information. The Lefima GmbH assumes no liability for any material or immaterial, resulting from an access or failing access, this Internet site, or from the unchecked use of the information contained therein.

The Lefima GmbH is not responsible for the content of external internet sites to which this web site is linked by links or references may, and shall not be liable for any damages that might result from such content and the link itself. (Hamburg Regional Court, judgment of 12 May 1998 - 312 O 85/98) Any and all links to other sites are provided solely as a convenience to visitors to this web site. The use of a link may lead to leaving the Lefima GmbH Internet site. This is the responsibility of the user.

Certain areas of our web site require the use of a password. This is also done at the sole risk of the user. The user is responsible for protecting the authorized password against misuse solely responsible. When a user is aware that the password is in any way made known to third parties unbeabbsichtigt, or other danger from its misuse, this must be reported immediately to the Lefima GmbH.

All downloadable documents (Software / multimedia content, etc.) have been through the Lefima GmbH copyrighted or by the legal owner of this document or contents of Lefima GmbH for presentation purposes provided. Use of the Software is governed by the terms of such end user license agreement, which is transmitted to the software and can be obtained from the manufacturer of the software or the Lefima GmbH. The software can generally not be installed without first having accepted all the terms of this agreement. Only end users according to the License Agreement may download and use the software. Other illegal uses, especially an unauthorized distribution of software or unauthorized copying will be prosecuted under civil and criminal law. Unless the applicable license agreement regulated or required by law, Lefima GmbH assumes no responsibility for the functioning and lack of the downloaded software. Lefima GmbH accepts no responsibility for the timeliness or suitability of the downloaded software for particular purposes. For any damage to the user, especially entgangengen profits, business interruption or loss of data, Lefima GmbH assumes no liability.

Listed under the present Internet site brands and product designs are protected for Lefima GmbH. Their use without the prior written consent of Lefima GmbH is not permitted unless specifically to provide information about products or services of the company. Graphics, text and other content are under the jurisdiction of foreign copyright protection laws, authorized. Should on this website yet unmarked, or by third party copyright protected images or texts, etc. are, then the copyright by Lefima GmbH can not be determined. In the case of such a unintentional copyright infringement, the Lefima GmbH will remove the relevant content immediately upon notification from its publication or indicate the appropriate copyright.

All messages that are sent to this Internet site or otherwise sent by e-mail to the Lefima GmbH, are not under the protection of confidentiality. Necessary for the transaction will be saved and the handling of the order may be forwarded to affiliated companies or used for purposes of credit assessment and any legitimate to exchange data with credit bureaus. All personal information will be treated confidentially. The Lefima GmbH is entitled to use the contents of such messages, including therein transmitted ideas, inventions, concepts, techniques and corresponding know-how for any purpose, ie for the development, production or marketing products or services. Promotional further use of your address and / or advertising purposes of the transfer of such information, you can refuse at any time by notice to the Lefima GmbH, 93413 Cham. Upon receipt of your objection, we will cease sending of promotional materials including our brochures immediately. The sender of any communications to this Internet site or to the Lefima GmbH is responsible for the content contained in the statement or information, especially for its truthfulness and accuracy.

This Internet site is provided as a service to users. All offers are non-binding. The Lefima GmbH reserves the right to change parts of the pages or the entire web site without prior notice, add to or remove from the grid.

Violators will be prosecuted. It is valid in any case German law.
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