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Glockenspiel "On-Line"

with individually positionable pedal

Glockenspiel "On-Line"

with individually positionable pedal

This pedal glockenspiel is designed for flexible use in variable set-ups

The damper pedal is coupled via a bowden cable with the glockenspiel. This enables an individual placement of the pedal independent of the position of instrument. Without any difficulty, the instrument can be integrated in different set-ups.

The pedal itself operates effectively and sensitively, the pedal spring tension can be adjusted according to the musicians demands. The adjustable damper horizontal enables variable muting  of the high and low octave bars.

The tonerange of these high-quality concert instruments extends far beyond their price range. The bars are tuned with the latest electronics by hand. This results in a particularly pure and balanced sound. The professional vibration-neutral suspension of the bars over a transverse bore guarantees optimum vibration and sound development. The glockenspiel is installed in lockable transport case.

The aluminum alloy used for the bars as well as the easily detachable stand predestine these glockenspiels for frequent transports – last but not least because of their low weight and the quick handling.

Product Features

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Notation - Sound
Bars made from light metal
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Bar Extension Set
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Foldable Stand
This heavy duty stand is made from robust coated metal and can be set-up easily. The large rubber pa...

Versions and variants to "Glockenspiel "On-Line""

Design features

Freely suspended bars made from a special aluminium alloy, light wooden resonance frame mounted in sturdy carrying case, sensitive pedal damper with Bowden cable, adjustable pedal resistance,  height adjustable stand, quick set-up, foldable for transport
Item-# TonerangeMateriallenght(cm)Weight (lbs / kg)
KM-BPG-F1F4-000 f‘ – f‘‘‘‘ Leichtmetall / light metal 94 13.0
KM-BPG-G1C4-000 g‘ – c‘‘‘‘ Leichtmetall / light metal 94 12.1
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