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Living History has many colours!


Historic Drum
Meets modern demands

Traditional design harmonises with modern technology!

The drums of this line follow in principle historical models from the first half of the 20th century. However, they have lugs, batter and snare head can be tuned separately quite in accordance with the modern requirements of a marching drum. The standard mounted flexy leg rest is super padded and adapts to the movements of the thigh at every step.


Flexible Leg Rest
All flexi-series leg rests are super padded and adapt to the movements of the thigh with every step....
Repositionable Ring Control
This ring control is the easiest method to dampen overtones. Unlike other ring controls the Lefima r...
Light Mini Strainer
This strainer comes from the design line of our ultra-light drums and is characterized by its extrem...
Carrying Bar
This historic carrying bar is made from robust cast and firmly attached to the wooden rim.


Carrying Slings for Side Drums
All carrying slings are made from high-quality genuine leather or textile. Self-balancing cara...
Multi-angle Carrying Bar
Traditional and “matched-grip” playing positions are both possible. To carry a drum with either a Le...
Add-on Legs
Legs protect your instrument against damage and dirt when putting it down. These small ...
Our Soft-Bags for bass drums are super padded and provide almost as much protection as a traditional...
Plug & Play Carrier
As the name “Plug & Play” implies - simplicity is the key to this carrier system: Extremely comf...
ZDH Carrier
The ZDH Carrier Program is competitively priced The shoulder bails are infinitely height...
The belt can be used with an additional cross sling and a carrying eagle.
Carrying Hook
The carrying hook is simply attached to the belt.
Quickport Carrying Hook
Unlike a conventional sling this carrying hook is stiff and greatly decreases the sidewise swiveling...
Stick Holder
The stick holder is easily attached to the belt and offers convenient and practical storage for a pa...
Leg Rest
The 600 series leg rests are super padded and made entirely from stainless steel. This l...

Versions and variants to "Hybrid"

Design features

Brushed metal shell, rims from torsion resistant hard wood, strainer #ZA-ABH-0467-000, ring control, eagle carrying bar #478, extra padded flexi-leg rest (stainless steel), tuning key
This icon indicates extraordinary well siounding or popular drums or contemporary remakes from the first half of the 20<sup>th</sup> century, which rate high with enthusiasts, but also are still used in historic formations.
This article is especially robuste.
This drum features a leg rest.
Because of either a low weight or an ergonomic design this article is especially back preserving.
This article can be transported easily by either a very compact design or a volume that can be scaled down.
The possibility of tuning bothe heads separately provides an optimal tuning ability and thus sound quality.
Unbeatable Edge Protection for Rims<br /><br /> A special substance combines in a specially developed procedure with the wood of the drum rim* and so provides the rim edge an extremely durable protection. The durability of the whole rim is considerably prolonged.<br /> Rims with Unbeatable Edge Protection can be delivered in any colour and with any design and can even be stained.<br /><br /> (*The rims of the mega-light CarboDrums are made from metal and are originally very resistant; also the carbon fibre rims of the other mega-light drums are extremely impact resistant.)
Carier compatible instruments kann be carried with the Lefima harnesses without any further accessories. That are e. g. the “Plug & Play-”, “ZDH-“ and “Flexi-“ Carriers.
This drum features a muffler.
Appropriate indicated instruments and accessories are especially suitable for professional marching drummers who frequently walk long distances with their equipment. The design especially aims at low weight, high ease of operation respectively ergonomy and carrying comfort.
On request, this drum can be delivered with black batter head.<br /><br />
Item-# Shell/Bowl (Inch)Shell/Bowl (cm)Batter headDesignTension ScrewsHoop mateialWeight (lbs / kg)
MS-HY6-1204-2MH 12" x 4,5" 30,5 x 12,0 WeatherKing siehe Konfigurator 12 Holz 3.3
MS-HY6-1404-2MH 14" x 4,5" 35,5 x 12,0 WeatherKing siehe Konfigurator 12 Holz 3.6
MS-HY8-1404-2MH 14" x 4,5" 35,5 x 12,0 WeatherKing siehe Konfigurator 16 Holz 3.9
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