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Full-size Printing directly onto the shell


DrumDesign in unexpected quality and durability!

Your performance is expression of your skill – and your allure!

As professional you use professional instruments where design counts as much as the sound.

With the FD-PRINT technique, even photographs and filigree logos can be directly attached to head or shell. Without backing material. The printed surface can momentary withstand temperatures up to 80°C (175°F) without problems. The printing is resistant against abrasion and photostable. The tonal qualities of a FD-printed shell remains unaffected.

At a direct print there are no edges that can come off or push through super-imposed film layers.

Product Features

Printing of Photographs
In contrast to computer cut foil plots with the FD-PRINT technique event photographs can be applied ...
What can be printed?
However, you can also send your originals as JPG (jpg, jpeg, jpe) with 3000x3000 pixel, PNG or TIFF ...
Direct Print onto the shell
The FD-PRINT artwork is directly applied onto a special film material which which the shell is cover...
Our printings are only 100 micrometers thick that is up to ten times less than conventional film plo...
CMYK color model
CMYK refers to the four inks used in some color printing: cyan, magenta, yellow, and key-black. With...

Versions and variants to "Shell-Design"

Design features

FD-printed heads are the professional solution – at an unbeatable price!
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