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Glockenspiel „Standard“ STEP

A cut above with raised semitones!

Glockenspiel „Standard“ STEP

A cut above with raised semitones!

These glockenspiels have raised semitones and thus meet the demands of musicians who are used to such instruments with regards to the diapason.

They combine good transportability and excellent sound!

With these 3-octave instruments we offer a tonerange, which reaches out wide above their price class. The bars are hand-tuned with most modern technology and are made from a lightmetal alloy which grants an exeptional sound, but also predestines them for frequent transportations. The cross-drilled bars guarantee optimal vibration and sound expansion.
This model features a comparably efficient-sensitive and inexpensive pedal damping unit, which pedal resistance can be adjusted by the needs of the musician. The adjustable damper horizontal additional enables a variable dampening of the low and the high notes. The playing height can be regulated from 85 to 95 centimetres.

Product Features

Snap-on Set-up
By the snap-on principle, both instrument and stand can be linked in a second. – comfortably without...
Pedal Damper
The pedal acts very sensitively and directly. It can be positioned individually and can be integrate...
Adjustable Damper Horizontal
The adjustable damper horizontal guarantees a separate adjustment at low and high notes. So the soun...
Vibration-neutral Suspension of Bars
Like at professional high-end instruments, the vibration-neutral suspension of the bars is solved by...
Holster for Mallet Storage
A special holster guarantees a secure storage of 1 pair of sticks.
Abnehmbarer Kofferdeckel
When the case is open, the top can be detached for playing. At the same time it is the main part of ...
Notation - Sound



Bar Extension Set
With the bar extension set the HPGL 2.5 can be enlarged to a full 3 octaves instrument.(f' - f'''')

Versions and variants to "Glockenspiel „Standard“ STEP"

Design features

Freely suspended bars made from a special aluminum alloy with raised semitones, sensitive pedal damper, adjustable damper horizontal for separate adjustment at low and high notes, adjustable pedal spring resistance, extremely quick set-up by magnetic support without screws, light wooden resonance frame mounted in sturdy case, case top detachable; for transport the stand can be folded and stored inside the case which is designed as trolley. The indicated weights are without stand.
Item-# TonerangeMateriallenght(cm)Weight (lbs / kg)
KM-EPS-F1F4-000 f‘ – f‘‘‘‘ Leichtmetall / light metal 94 13.0
KM-EPS-G1C4-000 g‘ – c‘‘‘‘ Leichtmetall / light metal 94 12.1
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