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Small, quick, strong, brown


This is what you want to have!

The special alloyed jingles give the espresso tambourine despite of its small size a great projection.

Specially bonded ply-wood provides the necessary sturdiness and roundness of the very slim frame. The cut-outs for the jingles are circumferential which reduces weight and guarantees optimal sound projection of the jingles.

The orchestra tambourines of the “Professional Line” and “Professional Line Tunable” are the consequence of acoustical and technical developments in close collaboration with worldwide leading professional musicians.

Characteristic is an excellent way of playing, a brilliant sound as well as an ergonomically optimal construction. A light-weight plywood frame and a balanced emphasis enable a fatigue-proof playing.

Used are only high-class, extremely equal tanned and thin calf heads; its outside is roughened by using a special treatment for a thumb trill playing. Double rowed tambourines have an ergonomically shaped grip, which reduces the moment of force adapted the fingers and which guarantees an easy control over the instrument.

Six different jingle materials enable an indescribable tonal diversity.

Each is unique in its kind!

Each of the six basic colours has a radiant beautiful sound.

Like a virtuos painter conjures colors on the canvas, plays with light and shadow, breathes life into the masterpiece, also you can combine jingles of different materials and increase the diversity of sounds almost immeasurably. To suit purpose or your personal preferences!

With jingles arranged in zigzag, the timbre of the ??? jingle material can be further changed and composed to a new acoustic impression.

Also resonance behavior and center of balance of the instrument can be influenced. Positioning heavier jingles near the grip influences the center of balance positively. For a very subtle response in pianissimo it may be advising, mounting slower jingles near the grip, whereas on the opposite side, in the attack area, the more sensitive material is placed.

Product Features

Roughened Head
Because of a special treatment of the head while tucking it, the texture of the outside of the head ...
Ergo Grip
For fatigue-free playing; the head can be easily reached with the fingers for muffling purpose.
Handhammered jingles
Because of the different compacting of the material, the jingles win an enormous sound spectrum.
Special alloy II (E)
Special alloy II very bright, soft, lively, pp - fff, excellent response
Selected thin calf heads
For the Lefima Professional tambourines only handpicked, extremely thin and equal tanned Kalfo calf ...

Additional Equipment

Completely roughened head
All tambourines can optionally also be delivered with a completely roughened head, which is especial...
Mix of jingles
When making a zigzag arranging of the jingles made of different material, you can give the sound cha...
The focus will be influenced positively when using heavier jingles near the grip. For a subtly respo...

Versions and variants to "Espresso"

Design features

Frame from waterproof bonded plywood, ergo-grip on all double row tambourines, hand hammered jingles (material of choice), high-quality thin Kalfo calfhead with specially roughened edge area for thumb roll play
Item-# Framesize (Inch)HeadsJinglesJinglesDesign
KT-006-S008-100 8" Naturfell 6 Speziallegierung 2 einreihig
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