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“My reverence, Madam!“


Classic elegance for Brass Music
on the highest level!

These instruments give a beautiful warm bass rich sound. A traditional design, finished in a high-gloss woodstain of your choice with polished lugs.

This drum model obtains its classical elegance by the harmony of selected refined a powerful bass producing wood and the vintage drop lugs, which are hand-polished and chromed.
Stainless steel carrying hooks and Sunk-in tension screws a matter of course like on all Lefima drums.

All classic models can be equipped with a FiberSkyn head on the left side.
While the PowerSroke head on the right side comes into operation, the FiberSkyn on the left side can be used for concert style music. This resembles look and sound of a natural skin, but is on principle weather-resistant.

Product Features

Lugs made from robust cast material
The claws and lugs  are made from a robust cast material. Their slim design and chromed high-gl...
Stainless steel carrying hooks
Of course the hooks are made from very resistant stainless steel.
Multi-ply maple shell
A special coating of the shell inside optimizes the vibration behavior. The sound gets richer and th...


PowerStroke Force III
plastic material, white or black, single-ply with center dot and thin underlay ring at the outer hea...

Additional Equipment

Sunk-in Tension Screws All tension screws are sunk in the claw hooks. This avo...
Unbeatable Rim Protector
Only a few centuries ago wood has been hardened in the fire. We developed a method to make woo...
Scratch Protection
The brilliant-hue „white“ and the satin-hues „Melon, Orange Flasch, Smoke, Chilli, Alert, Mamba, Liz...


MegaStroke-Felle for Hardcore-Drummer
The MegaStroke Heads are made by Remo exclusively for Lefima’s Ultimate- and PowerBUL  range. T...
Rucksack-style Bag
Our Soft-Bags for bass drums are super padded providing almost as much protection as a traditional h...
Swivel Leg
These new legs protect your instrument while resting on the floor and can be easily and swiftly fold...
Plug & Play Carrier
As the name “Plug & Play” implies - simplicity is the key to this carrier system: Extremely comf...
Recommended Mallets
For the marching sector we offer a whole line of bass drum mallets in varying degrees of hardness. A...
Cymbal Holder
All Lefima-cymbal holders have a special insulation sleeve on the inside that prevents direct contac...
Cymbal Holder
All cymbal holders feature a special interior insulator that avoids direct contact from cymbal to fi...
Cymbal Rest
The rubber coated cymbal rest is attached over two bass drum screws. The second cymbal can be stored...
Slings for Bass Drums
Simple Sling This sling is inexpensive and ideal for all who position their drum diagon...
External Add-on Tone Control
This tone control clamps at any place of the rim, it can be pivoted and its’ pressure can be infinit...
Add-on Lyre for Bass Drums with standard rims
This lyre is pilotable and can be adjusted in angle. For better transport, it can be folded down and...
This model features a wide non-slipping support from high-solid soft plastic which can be flash-adju...
ZDH Carrier
Adequate Adapters   This adapter works with any drum which has t...
Add-on Legs
Clamp directly at the rim, vibration-decoupled; individual add-on positioning. Robust abrasion ...
This model features a 50 cm wide non-slipping support from high-solid soft plastic which can be flas...

Versions and variants to "Classic"

Design features

Waterproof bonded plywood shell, rims made from torsion resistant hard wood, chromed fittings, in claws sunk-in tension screws, 2 ring mufflers, 4 stainless steel carrying loops, tuning key
This as a muffled instrument very loud drum has a great projection outside.<br /> (The sound pressure of 95dBA was measured as a single stroke with a mallet model 104 on a bass drum model BUL 2614 with standard equipment and normal head tension at a distance of 2 meters.)
For this drum only high-quality materials are used: drum cover material, glue and lacquering resists temperatures up to 100°C (210°F).
On request, this drum can be delivered with black heads.<br /><br />
The tune-keep screw-lock prevents an automatic turning loos oft he tension screws also at aggressive playing or loose head tension.
This article is especially robuste.
This drum features an extreme bass sound.
Our unique bonded plywood guarantees absolute roundness and remarkable light weight coupled with super sturdiness. Our specially formulated acoustic adhesive allows cross ply vibration that closely mimics a solid wood construction.
This drum features sunk-in tension screws. They don’t bother and avoid injuries while playing and damaging of car seats.
Suitable for head designs are white and black WeatherKing, PowerStroke and MegaStroke heads.
The possibility of tuning bothe heads separately provides an optimal tuning ability and thus sound quality.
Unbeatable Edge Protection for Rims<br /><br /> A special substance combines in a specially developed procedure with the wood of the drum rim* and so provides the rim edge an extremely durable protection. The durability of the whole rim is considerably prolonged.<br /> Rims with Unbeatable Edge Protection can be delivered in any colour and with any design and can even be stained.<br /><br /> (*The rims of the mega-light CarboDrums are made from metal and are originally very resistant; also the carbon fibre rims of the other mega-light drums are extremely impact resistant.)
Carier compatible instruments kann be carried with the Lefima harnesses without any further accessories. That are e. g. the “Plug & Play-”, “ZDH-“ and “Flexi-“ Carriers.
This drum features a muffler.
Item-# Shell/Bowl (Inch)Shell/Bowl (cm)HeadsTension ScrewsWeight (lbs / kg)
KB-KLB-2414-2HH 24" x 14" 61,0 x 35,5 PowerStroke Force III 14 7.1
KB-KLB-2614-2HH 26" x 14" 66,0 x 35,5 PowerStroke Force III 18 7.6
KB-KLB-2814-2HH 28" x 14" 72,0 x 35,5 PowerStroke Force III 20 9.0
KB-KLB-2818-2HH 28" x 18" 71,0 x 46,6 PowerStroke Force III 20 9.5
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