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The design of a musical instrument was next to his sound has always been the most important feature. Since the man had started about 30,000 years ago, cave walls to decorate and make-up, he decorated his weapons, everyday objects or musical instruments.

In ancient times it was all colorful. Temple had colored applications, all components were often colored statues were colored clothing or human skin they tried to imitate marble figures. Even instruments such as the Roman tympanum were painted in bright colors. The tradition of color in architecture and instrument continued in the Middle Ages.

Of the modern era to modern times, the focus shifted to the color of the ornamentation. However, drums have always had one or more colored hoops or colored decorated boiler or frames with intricate painted coat of arms and pictures.

Had Germany's oldest drum factory attention has always been on the individuality of the percussion instruments. This, of course, included a Vielfals of different designs for boilers and hoops. The designs were applied in complex manual work with stencils and brushes.

Since the turn of the millennium, the offer on boiler and tire design has also extended and now applies to other components of a drum or tambourine in the overall visual concept with a. These include clamping elements such as columns, lugs or bolts and eardrums.

The computer age then provided with adhesive films, the possibility of moving from expensive custom made to cheap mass production. With adhesive films, however, can be realized only insufficiently complex motives. Although printed labels solved the problem, but they changed the sound characteristics of boilers and especially the skins by the additional mass and the associated impairment of the vibration behavior and hence the sound.

Lefima now offers the option of a whole-area photo print of any kind of patterns, designs and texts directly on the skin or the drum shell. A pressure is substantially thinner than a section of the film or sticker, and vibration characteristics of boiler fur are practically unaffected. The pressure also has the ability to present complicated graphics or even photos into extraordinary brilliance. At the same time a printed drum design is to produce very low, resulting in a totally individual design of drums in their entirety, including all components of such a musical instrument is now possible.

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