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Ultra-light Kid`s "Double"

My Drum!

Ultra-light Kid`s "Double"

Ultra-light Field Drums
for Kids an Youngsters

Field Drums with batter and snare side head correspond to the traditional model. They are played without snare wires or gut snares.

We recognize the importance of encouraging budding young players within the world of brass band and marching drum corps and have created a new, specially designed range of lightweight marching drums aimed at the more youthful marching musician.

Our new range within the “UltraLeicht Kid’s Line” are beautifully balanced and load weight is reduced without sacrificing power or projection. Serious instruments, great fun and comfortable to play, the new “Kid’s BUL line” will integrate perfectly within the dynamic range associated with the more senior marching performer.

Product Features

Mini Lugs made from light metal
In the design of the ultra-light lugs two things stood in the fore: sturdiness and low self-weight. ...


PinStripe Extra
By a special edge bonding of both films high frequency overtones are damped for warm resonance. The ...

Additional Equipment

Wire Snare
The drum comes with snare bed, strainer and corresponding snare side head.
Wooden Rims
For all who prefer ultra-light drums with  wooden rims get the advantages of the UNS unbeatable...
Scratch Protection
The brilliant-hue „white“ and the satin-hues „Melon, Orange Flasch, Smoke, Chilli, Alert, Mamba, Liz...


Plug & Play Carrier
As the name “Plug & Play” implies - simplicity is the key to this carrier system: Extremely comf...
ZDH Carrier
Adequate Adapters This adapter operates with any drum, which possesses a multi ang...
Rucksack Bag
Our soft-bags for drums are super padded and thus almost perform the task of cases. The surface mate...
Multi-angle Carrying Bar
Traditionally field drums are played at the side of the body. For this reason two carrying rings are...
Multi-angle Carrying Bar
Traditionally field drums are played at the side of the body. For this reason two carrying rings are...
Carrying Bar
Traditionally field drums are played at the side of the body. Who prefers carrying the instrume...
Snap-on Lyre
Clamp directly at the rim, vibration-decoupled; individual snap-on positioning. The inclination...
Add-on Rim Protectors
This edge protector consists of an extremely impact resistant plastic covered steel netting. Simply ...
Carrying Slings for Parade Snare Drums
Self-balancing carabiners prevent that the sling from cutting into the body. Available in black...

Versions and variants to "Ultra-light Kid`s "Double""

Design features

Ultra-light built waterproof bonded plywood shell with integrated overtone filter, chromed triple-flanged rims respectively wood rims, ring muffler, 2 carrying rings, tuning key
Appropriate indicated instruments and accessories are especially suitable for professional marching drummers who frequently walk long distances with their equipment. The design especially aims at low weight, high ease of operation respectively ergonomy and carrying comfort.
This drum features a muffler.
The possibility of tuning bothe heads separately provides an optimal tuning ability and thus sound quality.
On request, this drum can be delivered also with black hardware. Dependant on the model, this concerns tension screws, claws, rims and lugs.
This article can be transported easily by either a very compact design or a volume that can be scaled down.
This article features a high comfort concerning carrying and handling.
Our unique bonded plywood guarantees absolute roundness and remarkable light weight coupled with super sturdiness. Our specially formulated acoustic adhesive allows cross ply vibration that closely mimics a solid wood construction.
Because of either a low weight or an ergonomic design this article is especially back preserving.
On request, this drum can be delivered with black batter head.<br /><br />
For this drum only high-quality materials are used: drum cover material, glue and lacquering resists temperatures up to 100°C (210°F).
Right at the beginning of the 20th century Lefima set completely new benchmarks with the ultra-light drums in the field of marching percussion.<br /> The use of alternative materials and a unique lug technology made possible a new generation of marching drums with such low weight that this was even honoured in the Guniessbook of the Records. Because of the reduced mass attached to the shell, these instruments gain tremendous power that predestines these drums for playing outside.<br /> Since 2006 the weight of the ultra-light drums was reduced about an additional 15% while preserving the magnificent sound quality.
Item-# Shell/Bowl (Inch)Shell/Bowl (cm)Batter headSnare headTension ScrewsHoop mateialWeight (lbs / kg)
ML-LUL-1214-2HM 12" x 14" 30,5 x 35,5 PinStripe ohne 10 Metall 1.9
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