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Ultra-Light Horse Timpani

An ease for riders and horses

Ultra-Light Horse Timpani

An ease for riders and horses

Especially with horses timpani weight plays quite an important role. Our specially alloyed aluminum bowl have great assertiveness, but weigh just half of their copper counterparts. For the horse, this means maximum freedom of movement and is even only lightly loaded when traveling long distances.

Besondere Kunststofffelle bieten einen naturfellähnlichen Klang und Naturfelloptik; sie sind gleichzeitig äußerst witterungsbeständig.

Product Features

Forged rosette fittings
The hand-forged rosette fittings are an optical link between the mechanical elements and the bowl. T...
Light Bowls (High-gloss Finish)
The bowls are hand forged by old patterns. A special light alloy makes them very sturdy and a sound ...
T-handle Screws
The tuning screws feature stylish and ergonomically designed tabs.
Tension Screws with Special Thread
The tension screws feature shapely and ergonomical tabs. By a specially cut fine thread they can be ...
Counterhoops from Angled Steel
The counterhoops are made from a special angle-steel profile which provides maximum sturdiness. This...
Filigree baroque emblem
In etching As a flimsy filigree baroque emblem, the company logo „LF“ is etched onto the bowl i...


Renaissance Heads are similar to natural skin heads with regards to sound and appearance. They ...
Kalfo Calfskin Head
The sound of natural skins is unmatched! Tucking a natural skin requires experiance and s...
Kalfo Goatskin Head
The sound of natural skins is unmatched! In contrary to calfskin heads goatski...

Additional Equipment

Attachment for Saddle
The support is infinitely adjustable and so the distance between the timpani can be easily changed. ...


The upper part of the bag is a very sturdy head protector, which also covers the whole mechanics. Fo...
Wooden cross stand
With this stand you can adjust exactly your preferred playing height. (low for playing while sitting...

Versions and variants to "Ultra-Light Horse Timpani"

Design features

Handhammered bowl made from a special aluminium alloy, steel-angle counterhoop and hand forged rosette fittings in forgen-iron look, easy going t-handle screws
Item-# Shell/Bowl (Inch)Shell/Bowl (cm)TonerangeHeadsTension ScrewsWeight (lbs / kg)
PP-ALU-0020-000 20" 50,0 e -d siehe "Ausstattung" // see "equipment" 6 6.9
PP-ALU-0021-000 21" 54,0 d - c siehe "Ausstattung" // see "equipment" 6 7.2
PP-ALU-0023-000 23" 57,0 B - a siehe "Ausstattung" // see "equipment" 6 7.9
PP-ALU-0025-000 25" 63,0 G - g siehe "Ausstattung" // see "equipment" 6 8.6
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