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for the high demands of professional Brass Orchestras and Big Bands

Brass orchestras play on a very high level and demand orchestral instruments meeting this level. The bass drums of „Concerto“ series combine the tonal quality of a professional concert drum and elegance in design with a good price level.

The harmonic ratio of shell diameter to shell depth is the result of over 150 years experience in the manufacture of orchestral drums. The shells are manufactured by hand with selected woods. This process, a century ago, provides a sound with a warm timbre and bassy shade. Hand polished fitting in a noble drop bring the design to perfection. 
By tab screws with a special thread, the head pitch an be quickly corrected or changed. 
The solid base is a newly developed stand of stainless steel which is extremely durable and sturdy. All its single parts are not screwed together but glued instead in a special process which makes interference noise completely impossible. 
With a swivel device the freely suspended drum can be brought into any desired position.

Product Features

Steel rims
In contrast to conventional drums, the tension screws at all Lefima Sinfonia Drums are guided not by...
Quick Thread Wing-screws
Through its specially cut thread these tension screws allow a very fast retuning or pitch correction...
Standing back Rims
Depending on the head tension, the rims are flush with the shell edge or even stand back behind it.
Hand polished fittings
All fittings like lugs, hooks and tuning screws are elaborately hand polished and afterwards chrome-...
Shell from tonewood
The wood used for the shell is selected by hand and processed to sturdy laminated ply-wood with beau...

Versions and variants to "Concerto"

Design features

Shell made from birch, rims from tempered high-quality steel, hand polished chromed fittings, quick-wing-screws, extra sturdy casted claw hooks with integrated tension screw insulators and rim protectors. 
(Not suitable for natural skin heads)
Item-# Shell/Bowl (Inch)Shell/Bowl (cm)HeadsTension ScrewsShell material
KB-CO6-2823-2HM 28“ x 23“ 71,0 x 57,0 FiberSkyn/Renaissance 12 Birke
KB-CO8-2823-2HM 28“ x 23“ 71,0 x 57,0 FiberSkyn/Renaissance 16 Birke
KB-CO8-3223-2HM 32“ x 23“ 81,0 x 57,0 FiberSkyn/Renaissance 16 Birke
KB-CO0-3223-2HM 32“ x 23“ 81,0 x 57,0 FiberSkyn/Renaissance 20 Birke
KB-CO8-3623-2HM 36“ x 23“ 91,0 x 57,0 FiberSkyn/Renaissance 16 Birke
KB-CO0-3623-2HM 36“ x 23“ 91,0 x 57,0 FiberSkyn/Renaissance 20 Birke
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