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Ultra-light „Vintage Hybrid“

3in1 – Tension Screws, Deco Rope

The ultra-light version of the parade drum with tension screws and deco rope. UNBEATABLE Rims included!

This hybrid of historical instrument and modern technology offers significant advantages in terms of sound and handling and especially an ultra-light weight construction - coupled with UNbeatable rims made of aircraft aluminum in vintage style! 
Go with the times. Play instruments which fit optically into the historical picture, but have all the tonal and technical features of a modern marching drum which serve the grand requirements of todays’ drummers: The UNBEATABLE rims can not only be designed individually; the used aircraft aluminum is supremely robust and ensures an enormous tuning accuracy. Tension screws enable the separate equal tuning of batter and snare side head as well as a quick and trouble-free head change; the additional deco rope keeps the visual relation to the historic instrument. An integrated rope lock prevents the rope from falling down when changing the head. 
As the name suggests, the Ultra-light "Vintage Hybrid" offers a unique low weight!

Product Features

Stainless Carrying Ring
If a snare drum is carried with a sling the drum gains hold by an additional stabilisator strap that...
Rope lock
Mini Lugs made from light metal
In the design of the ultra-light lugs two things stood in the fore: sturdiness and low self-weight. ...
Leather Tensioners
Its shape is based on historical models, which has been optimized over time by us. The inside of the...

Versions and variants to "Ultra-light „Vintage Hybrid“"

Design features

Ultra-light built waterproof bonded plywood shell, UNBEATABLE aluminium rims, deco rope, genuine leather tensioners, deco rope, rope lock, 2 ring mufflers, 2 carrying rings (stainless steel), tuning key
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Item-# Shell/Bowl (Inch)Shell/Bowl (cm)Batter headSnare headTension ScrewsHoop mateialWeight (lbs / kg)
ML-LUV-1419-VHM 14" x 19" 35,5 x 48,0 PinStripe extra Weatherking 12 Aluminium 2.8
ML-8UV-1419-VHM 14" x 19" 35,5 x 48,0 PinStripe extra Weatherking 16 Aluminium 2.9
ML-LUV-1424-VHM 14" x 24" 35,5 x 60,0 PinStripe extra Weatherking 12 Aluminium 3.2
ML-8UV-1424-VHM 14" x 24" 35,5 x 60,0 PinStripe extra Weatherking 16 Aluminium 3.4
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