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Glockenspiel "Basic"

The ideal traveller instrument

This glockenspiel goes strong with a full 3 octaves range and special alloy steel bars, which are fixed at only one spot. The bright, clear sound is available at a very reasonable price.

Product Features

Notation - Sound
The intonation of the instruments refer to the standard pitch a' = 440 Hz. The frequencies in other ...

Versions and variants to "Glockenspiel "Basic""

Design features

Bars made from a classical steel alloy, 1 pair of sticks
Item-# TonerangeMateriallenght(cm)Weight (lbs / kg)
KM-ODG-F1F4-000 f‘ – f‘‘‘‘ Stahl / Steel 94 9.0
KM-ODG-G1C4-000 g‘ – c‘‘‘‘ Stahl / Steel 94 8.1
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