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Standard "Metal"

With rust proof shell

These snare drums belong to the most popular because they combine high tonal quality with a good pricing conception. Some models are manufactured almost unchanged for over 40 years now and the market is not imaginable without. Now and then musicians trust in the approved quality and are convinced by the sound.

New for 2013 is our extremely lightweight and completely rustproof metal snare drum shell. With it’s cool refined brushed finish this elegant easy to care for drum with it’s assertive sound and dynamic response makes it an ideal choice for a marching band.

Product Features

Rust-proof Metal Shell in ultra-light design
With its cool „Brushed-Metal-Look“ this drum is easy to care for .

Versions and variants to "Standard "Metal""

Design features

Non rusting metal shell, chromed triple-flenged rims, strainer #ZA-ABH-0467-000, removable ring control #243, snap-on carrying bar #8860, extra padded flexi-leg rest (stainless steel), tuning key
Appropriate indicated instruments and accessories are especially suitable for professional marching drummers who frequently walk long distances with their equipment. The design especially aims at low weight, high ease of operation respectively ergonomy and carrying comfort.
This drum features a muffler.
Carier compatible instruments kann be carried with the Lefima harnesses without any further accessories. That are e. g. the “Plug & Play-”, “ZDH-“ and “Flexi-“ Carriers.
The possibility of tuning bothe heads separately provides an optimal tuning ability and thus sound quality.
This drum features sunk-in tension screws. They don’t bother and avoid injuries while playing and damaging of car seats.
On request, this drum can be delivered with black batter head.<br /><br />
For this drum only high-quality materials are used: drum cover material, glue and lacquering resists temperatures up to 100°C (210°F).
This drum features a two-hole carrying bar that is made from stainless steel for extra durability. Please be aware that (with the exception of Flexi Carrier 6606-A) a multi-angle carrying bar is necessary for the use together with all Lefima carrier systems.
Item-# Shell/Bowl (Inch)Shell/Bowl (cm)Batter headDesignTension ScrewsHoop mateialWeight (lbs / kg)
MS-STA-1204-2MM 12" x 4,5" 30,5 x 12,0 WeatherKing siehe Konfigurator 12 Metall 2.1
MS-STA-1304-2MM 13" x 4,5" 33,0 x 12,0 WeatherKing siehe Konfigurator 12 Metall 2.2
MS-STA-1404-2MM 14" x 4,5" 35,5 x 12,0 WeatherKing siehe Konfigurator 12 Metall 2.4
MS-ST8-1404-2MM 14" x 4,5" 35,5 x 12,0 WeatherKing siehe Konfigurator 16 Metall 2.5
MS-ST0-1404-2MM 14" x 4,5" 35,5 x 12,0 WeatherKing siehe Konfigurator 20 Metall 2.6
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