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Îsen Donar Trumen

The Sound-Ram!

This instrument plays acoustically and visually a central role in medieval rock bands and medieval metal groups!

"As in the last battle Ragnarok the gods had been overtaken by the fate, Thor had been murdered by the poison of the Midgard Serpent and the world was no longer protected by his thunderbolt, fear crept into the hearts of men.
Again it was Waldir, the blacksmith Wieland’s son, who created a giant drum, whose blows shook the three worlds as well as once the great weapon of Thor - and Thurses and frost giants could be kept away from Midgard on time.
Now a thousand times a thousand years have passed, Valhalla is enchanted and is in ruins and also Waldir has long turned to dust. Only his Donar Drum, forged from powerful ore from Utgard, has survived the ages.
Long again, Midgard is threatened by monsters from the old world and we need new heroes who are willing to play the magical instruments and unite with drummers from all over the world to defend earth against evil.”
Still now the wrought-iron look of the fittings of our “Îsen Trumen” remind of the ore from Utgard.

Product Features

Rope lock
An integrated rope lock prevents the rope from falling down when changing the head.
Antique walnut
A special patina gives the instruments that individuality that breathes the mist of centuries. A tou...
Hemp rope
The rope is made from genuine hemp, one of World’s the oldest agricultural crops. Hemp and flax have...
Leather tensioners
These tensioners are made from genuine leather. Because of their unique design and the roughened ins...
From a time when the elves still wandered over the face of the earth and sparkling gold was hoarded ...

Versions and variants to "Îsen Donar Trumen"

Design features

waterproof bonded plywood shell in antique walnut, rims made from torsion resistant hard wood in antique walnut, fittings in forged iron appearance, in claws sunk-in square head tension screws, deco rope from genuine hemp, genuine leather tensioners in antique appearance, rope lock, 2 ring mufflers, tuning key
Item-# Shell/Bowl (Inch)Shell/Bowl (cm)Batter headSnare headTension ScrewsLeather tensionersWeight (lbs / kg)
HT-ISE-2823-2HH 28" x 23" 71,0 x 57,0 Renaissance FiberSkyn 22 11 10.6
HT-ISE-3023-2HH 30" x 23,5" 76,0 x 60 Renaissance FiberSkyn 22 11 14.4
HT-ISE-3220-2HH 32" x 20" 81,0 x 51,0 Renaissance FiberSkyn 26 13 14.3
HT-ISE-3622-2HH 36" x 22" 91,0 x 56,0 Renaissance FiberSkyn 30 15 18.4
HT-ISE-4025-2HH 40" x 25" 101,0 x 62,0 Renaissance FiberSkyn 30 15 20.8
HT-ISE-6023-2HH 60" x 23,5" 152,4 x 60,0 Renaissance FiberSkyn 46 23 29.9
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