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Belt Timpani – The archetype oft he timpani

Kettle drums came from the Middle Eastern-Asian region and were brought to Europe by the Crusades in 1300 at the latest. These so called Nacaires, Naqqãra or Nakers are played as a pair and appear even today in the Arabic world between Morocco and the Near East and in southern and central Asia. Lefima manufacture these traditional instruments in fondly hand work according to originals.

Product Features

Hemp rope
The rope is made from genuine hemp, one of World’s the oldest agricultural crops. Hemp and flax have...
Hand-made leather tensioners
These tensioners are hand-sewn from antique leather

Versions and variants to "Nakers"

Design features

Handhammered bowl made from antique copper, calfskin heads, genuine hemp rope, handworked leather tensioners, incl. 1 pair of sticks
Item-# Shell/Bowl (Inch)Shell/Bowl (cm)HeadsTension ScrewsLeather tensionersWeight (lbs / kg)
HP-NAK-0909-00K 10" 20 Kalbfell - 12 1.0
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