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This boils!

„… timpani are bass and base of the heroic music…“*

Kettle drums came from the Middle Eastern-Asian region and were brought to Europe by the Crusades in 1300 at the latest. These so called Nacaires, Naqqãra or Nakers are played as a pair.
The “Rumores” have been created especially for so-called medieval rock bands. They follow the war timpani of the artillery of the 14th, 15th and 16th century which were meant to intimidate the enemy by their loud metal roar. “Rumores” are a tonal supplement and enrich the medieval setup in literally a grandiose manner. Because of their focused sound they facilitate very accentuated and rhythmic play and open up unprecedented possibilities for composition and stage performance.

*Altenberg, attempt and instruction for heroic musical trumpet and timpani art, Leipzig 1795

Versions and variants to "Rumoren"

Design features

Handhammered copper bowl with antique patina, flat-steel counterhoop and forged fittings in forged iron look, easy going square screws.
Item-# Shell/Bowl (Inch)Shell/Bowl (cm)HeadsTension ScrewsLeather tensionersWeight (lbs / kg)
KT-RUM-0023-0RS 23" 57,0 Renaissancefell 6 - 0.0
KT-RUM-0026-0RS 26" 66,0 Renaissancefell 6 - 0.0
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