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in Vintage Style

This "Art Nouveau Ensemble" is produced in the highest quality craftsmanship and embodies the unique amalgamation of a tremendous bass and sensitive, soft as butter acting tab screw technology with the beautiful design according to the Roaring Twenties.

The bass drums of the "Sinfonia" -Vintage series are constructed according to the motto of a time that - after industrial mass production - put the values of quality craftsmanship into the foreground. People persuited to melt art and life together again and to include design in the everyday and to express its function in its design.
The drum-stand-ensemble captivates the eye with its elegant but clear style of decorative curved lines and geometric decoration.
The wood of the drum is glued according to the Lefima method of the twenties and noble stained. It gives the instrument a bassy rich sound and - beyond - emotional depth.

Product Features

Steel rims
In contrast to conventional drums, the tension screws at all Lefima Sinfonia Drums are guided not by...
Recessed Rims
Depending on the head tension, the rims are flush with the shell edge or even stand back behind it. ...
Hand-patinated fittings
Chemical reactions and heat are used to great effect in producing a wide range of retro vintage fini...
Tension Screws with Special Thread
Through its specially cut thread these tension screws allow a very fast retuning or pitch correction...
Tab Screws
The tuning screws feature stylish and ergonomically designed taps, constructed in the style of the n...
Shells manufactured according to the In Lefima process of the 1920s.
The shells of the bass drums of the "Sinfonia" series are manufactured out of carefully selected bir...
Shell from tonewood
The wood used for the shell is selected by hand and processed to sturdy laminated ply-wood with beau...
In addition to the tonal and technical characteristics of the drum, we ascribe a prominent role to t...
Nostalgic Lefima Logo
All Vintage Drums hence feature the original Lefima logo oft he 1920s.

Versions and variants to "Sinfonia"

Design features

Shell made from birch or maple, rims from tempered high-quality steel, hand polished and galvanized or hand patinated fittings, quick-tab-screws.

Possible Designs:
Hardware: chrome, brass, vintage copper, black nickle, nickle
Shell: walnut, chestnut, oak, mahogany, black
Item-# Shell/Bowl (Inch)Shell/Bowl (cm)HeadsTension ScrewsShell material
KB-SNB-3223-2HM 32 x 23 81,0 x 57,0 Kalfo-Kalbfelle 16 Birke
KB-SNB-3623-2HM 36 x 23 91,0 x 57,0 Kalfo-Kalbfelle 16 Birke
KB-SNB-4024-2HM 40 x 24 101,0 x 62,0 Kalfo-Kalbfelle 20 Birke
KB-SNA-3223-2HM 32 x 23 81,0 x 573,0 Kalfo-Kalbfelle 16 Ahorn
KB-SNA-3623-2HM 36 x 23 91,0 x 573,0 Kalfo-Kalbfelle 16 Ahorn
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