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Earthquake Magnitude 10!

PowerMax 2 or MX 2 heads in combination with the volume plus of extra deep shells let these drums be counted among the loudest!

Newly developed mega-light rims are off-set from the shell’s bearing edge, making damage to the bearing edge caused by accidental strokes to the rim a thing of the past.
In addition, there is also the exclusive use of rustproof materials. The drums can be even played in the rain without needing to be being dried afterward.

Product Features

Carbon fiber Lugs
High tensile strength, low weight, and low thermal expansion make carbon fiber a popular choice in a...
Bearing Edge Protection
At all CarboDrums the rims stand back behind the shell edge. In order to protect the shell edge from...
Sunk-in Tension Screws
All tension screws are sunk in the claw hooks to avoid injury while playing and to prevent damage to...
Standing back Rims
The rims stand back behind the shell edge.  Injuries while playing or accidental mallet strokes...
Larger tonal volume in comparison to standard drums
Compared to standard drums with regular rims the CarboBoost has up to 15% more volume at a comparabl...
Rust-proof Components
Tension screws, carrying hooks  and other components are made from stainless steel. Lugs and ri...
Free-floating shell
Less hardware attached to the drum helps to achieve greater shell resonance. Optimum sh...
Zylinder made from Birch Hard Wood
It is responsible for a very brilliant and present sound with distinctive bass and gives the bass dr...

Versions and variants to "CarboStruck"

Design features

Mega-light built waterproof bonded hardwood shell with Deep-Space scratch resistand foil and mega-light rims with integrated edge protector on the batter side, heads with integrated „free-floating“ felt segment muffling, sunk-in tension screws (stainless), carbon fiber lugs, 4 carrying loops (stainless), tuning key, Rucksack-style Bag, foldable SwiveLegs

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Appropriate indicated instruments and accessories are especially suitable for professional marching drummers who frequently walk long distances with their equipment. The design especially aims at low weight, high ease of operation respectively ergonomy and carrying comfort.
This drum features a muffler.
Carier compatible instruments kann be carried with the Lefima harnesses without any further accessories. That are e. g. the “Plug & Play-”, “ZDH-“ and “Flexi-“ Carriers.
Unbeatable Edge Protection for Rims<br /><br /> A special substance combines in a specially developed procedure with the wood of the drum rim* and so provides the rim edge an extremely durable protection. The durability of the whole rim is considerably prolonged.<br /> Rims with Unbeatable Edge Protection can be delivered in any colour and with any design and can even be stained.<br /><br /> (*The rims of the mega-light CarboDrums are made from metal and are originally very resistant; also the carbon fibre rims of the other mega-light drums are extremely impact resistant.)
At this article all stressed components are completely rust-proof. It can even be used in rain and needs not necessarily be dried afterwards.
The possibility of tuning bothe heads separately provides an optimal tuning ability and thus sound quality.
Suitable for head designs are white and black WeatherKing, PowerStroke and MegaStroke heads.
On request, this drum can be delivered also with black hardware. Dependant on the model, this concerns tension screws, claws, rims and lugs.
With the LEFIMA Carbo Drum a new age of megalight Bass Drums has begun! Voluminous and extremely loud…<br /> Be enthralled by a trendsetting drum invention which harmonizes extreme stability and robustness with an unbelievably low weight and comfort. The intelligent use of real carbon fiber plays a crucial role.
This article can be transported easily by either a very compact design or a volume that can be scaled down.
This article features a high comfort concerning carrying and handling.
The rims of this drum stand back behind the shell edge. Accedential strokes on the rims or damaging the rims with the mallet are a thing oft he past.
This drum features sunk-in tension screws. They don’t bother and avoid injuries while playing and damaging of car seats.
Our unique bonded plywood guarantees absolute roundness and remarkable light weight coupled with super sturdiness. Our specially formulated acoustic adhesive allows cross ply vibration that closely mimics a solid wood construction.
Because of either a low weight or an ergonomic design this article is especially back preserving.
This article comes with a protection cover.<br /><br />
This item has legs. When putting the instrument down on the floor the contact to the terrain is avoided, instrument an rims are prevented from mechanical damage or humidity influence.
This drum features an extreme bass sound.
This article is especially robuste.
On request, this drum can be delivered with black heads.<br /><br />
For this drum only high-quality materials are used: drum cover material, glue and lacquering resists temperatures up to 100°C (210°F).
Item-# Shell/Bowl (Inch)Shell/Bowl (cm)HeadsTension ScrewsWeight (lbs / kg)
MB-BMV-2414-2HM 24" x 14" 60,0 x 35,5 PowerMax 2 black 14 5.4
MB-BMV-2416-2HM 24" x 16" 60,0 x 40,0 PowerMax 2 black 14 5.5
MB-BMV-2614-2HM 26" x 14" 66,0 x 35,5 PowerMax 2 black 16 5.7
MB-BMV-2616-2HM 26" x 16" 66,0 x 40,0 PowerMax 2 black 16 5.8
MB-BMV-2814-2HM 28" x 14" 71,0 x 35,5 PowerMax 2 black 18 6.2
MB-BMV-2816-2HM 28" x 16" 71,0 x 40,0 PowerMax 2 black 18 6.3
MB-BMY-2414-2HM 24" x 14" 60,0 x 35,5 MX2 black 14 5.3
MB-BMY-2416-2HM 24" x 16" 60,0 x 40,0 MX2 black 14 5.4
MB-BMY-2614-2HM 26" x 14" 66,0 x 35,5 MX2 black 16 5.6
MB-BMY-2616-2HM 26" x 16" 66,0 x 40,0 MX2 black 16 5.7
MB-BMY-2814-2HM 28" x 14" 71,0 x 35,5 MX2 black 18 6.1
MB-BMY-2816-2HM 28" x 16" 71,0 x 40,0 MX2 black 18 6.2
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