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UltraLight Performance

Simply MORE!

This ultra-light superlative combines low weight with raised tuning precision.

Increased stability improves performance while enhancing the playing experience.
Count on the drum’s robust build which, coupled with the number of tension screws, offers the player accurate and reliable tuning – even at higher tension.

The use of alternative materials and a unique lug technology resulted in a new generation of marching drums - so light that Lefima were honoured in the Guinness book of the Records!

Product Features

Mini Lugs made from light metal
In the design of the ultra-light lugs two things stood in the fore: sturdiness and low weight. The u...
Ultra-light Claws - Sunk-in Tension Screws
Comfort Rims
Slimmer rims help very comfortably preventing injuries while playing or accidental mallet strokes on...

Versions and variants to "UltraLight Performance"

Design features

Ultra-light built waterproof bonded plywood shell and rims, in claws sunk-in tension screws, 2 ring mufflers, 4 stainless steel carrying loops, tuning key, tuning key

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Item-# Shell/Bowl (Inch)Shell/Bowl (cm)HeadsTension ScrewsWeight (lbs / kg)
MB-BUP-2410-2HH 24" x 10" 60,0 x 25,5 PowerStroke Force III 16 4.8
MB-BUP-2414-2HH 24" x 14" 60,0 x 35,5 PowerStroke Force III 16 5.4
MB-BUP-2610-2HH 26" x 10" 66,0 x 25,5 PowerStroke Force III 20 5.2
MB-BUP-2614-2HH 26" x 14" 66,0 x 35,5 PowerStroke Force III 20 5.8
MB-BUP-2810-2HH 28" x 10" 71,0 x 25,5 PowerStroke Force III 24 5.6
MB-BUP-2814-2HH 28" x 14" 71,0 x 35,5 PowerStroke Force III 24 6.2
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