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Ultra Light "Girl`s Drum"

For little Super-Girl's!

Pink? Need not be, but could be realized... Also for this druim we offer a choice of 10 million color and design combinations.

Especially for children who are in the growth stage, very lightweight drums are essential! And this does not mean that a good sound is dispensed.
By a reduced number of lugs, the Girl's Drum is even lighter than the long-established Kid's Drum "small". And this at the same sound volume.

Product Features

Mini Lugs made from light metal
In the design of the ultra-light lugs two things stood in the fore: sturdiness and low self-weight. ...

Versions and variants to "Ultra Light "Girl`s Drum""

Design features

Ultra-light built waterproofbonded plywood shell, chromed triple-flanged rims, 2 ring mufflers, 4 stainless steel carrying loops, tuning key
Item-# Shell/Bowl (Inch)Shell/Bowl (cm)HeadsTension ScrewsWeight (lbs / kg)
MB-BUL-1412-2HM 14" x 12" 35,5 x 33,0 Black PinStripe 12 2.6
MB-BU6-1610-2HM 16" x 10" 40,6 x 25,4 Black PinStripe 12 2.8
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