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For Snare Drums

"The BRUSH-RING consists of almost 300 of finest resilient wires, and is placed underneath the batter head; its force against the head regulates automatically with the head tension and so controls the overtones. - suppressing of undesirable overtones even at high head tension without affecting the drum’s volume or tonal character. - Single strokes are separated much clearer. - Tuning the drum becomes a child’s play as the BRUSH-RING equalizes differentials in head tension from screw to screw - clearer and very powerful sound with great projection outside. - increased wire snare effect The BRUSH-RING is suitable for ""Kleine Trommeln"" as well. "

Versions and variants to "Brush-Ring"

Design features

Stainless steel
Item-# MaterialShell/Bowl (Inch)Other
ZD-BRS-1212-0SD Metall 12"
ZD-BRS-1313-0SD Metall 13"
ZD-BRS-1414-0SD Metall 14"
ZD-BRS-1515-0SD Metall 15"
ZD-BRS-1616-0SD Metall 16"
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