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Stick Holder

for Belt

This useful add-on can be attached to the belt; it stores your drum sticks in playing breaks or can be used to carry replacement sticks.

Versions and variants to "Stick Holder "

Design features

wide intake, adjustable, loop for belt

This material does not stain.
Genuine leather is a very high-class robust and optically beautiful material. As a natural product it however reacts concerning humidity. The colouring of the leather is abrasion resistant. Though, the contact to light coloured clothing etc. should be avoided particularly in humid milieu. In order to avoid a hardening of the leather while drying, we recommend our leather care #KIT-8. It prevents from fungi and fibre fracture, impregnates and keeps the leather flexible.
Item-# DesignMeasurements
ZH-STO-L0GR-00S Leder
ZH-STO-L0GR-00W Leder
ZH-STO-L0KL-00S Leder
ZH-STO-L0KL-00W Leder
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