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Carrying Sling

for Snare Drums

The sling ist he classical way of carrying a side drum.

Versions and variants to "Carrying Sling "

Design features

adjustable, nickle-plated carrying eagle

This material does not stain.
Item-# DesignMeasurements
ZH-TRA-L000-SDS Leder 140
ZH-TRA-L000-SDW Leder 140
ZH-TRA-L00S-SDS Leder 152
ZH-TRA-L00S-SDW Leder 152
ZH-TRA-L00U-SDS Leder 161
ZH-TRA-L00U-SDw Leder 161
ZH-TRA-L0SU-SDS Leder 161
ZH-TRA-L0SU-SDW Leder 161
ZH-TRA-T000-SDS Textil 142
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