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Snap-on Lyre

Nickle-plated steel

Versions and variants to "Snap-on Lyre"

Design features

This material does not stain.
This accessory can be folded-away on the basis isntrument for a smaller transport volume.
This accessory is ready to play within seconds. No tools are needed. Even the fitting instrument adapters are just plugged-in and need no further fixing. The attachment of the instrument happens over the accessories already mounted on the instrument. No further add-ons are necessary.
This accessory belongs to the Lefima Snap-on System:<br />-          simply clamps at any place of the triple-flanged rim, vibration-neutral<br />-          easy attachment<br />no instable or bothersome fixing over tension screws
Item-# MaterialHoop mateial
ZH-NOT-00KL-000 Stahl für Metallreifen
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