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Cymbal Holder

All cymbal holders feature a special interior insulator that avoids direct contact from cymbal to fixing screw – eliminating bothersome noise and vibration. The  cymbal is fixed by a self-locking wing nut which will hold tight even when the cymbal is only loosely attached.

This cymbal holder for the lower cymbal is firmly screwed onto the drum shell.

Product Features

Self-locking Wing Nut
The cymbal is fixed by a self-locking wing nut, which will not unfasten even when it is only loosely...
All Lefima-cymbal holders have a special insulation sleeve on the inside that prevents direct contac...

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Design features

This material does not stain.
The cymbal lock prevents from the disadvantages of a loose but for sound projection necessary loose fixing of the cymbal. Bothersome noise is eliminated by a plastic insulator of the fixing screw. The cymbal is held by a self-locking wing nut which prevents the cymbal from getting loose because of vibrations.
Item-# Design
ZH-BH0-FEST-000 passend für alle Beckengrößen // fits all cymbal sizes
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