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Kalfo Goat Skins on fleshhoop

Renaissance Heads are similar to natural skin heads with regards to sound and appearance

single-ply, natural colour, with aluminium insert ring, smoothened in the baundary area by a special treatment. This increases the lifetime of the bowl lip coating immensely!

Versions and variants to "Kalfo Goat Skins on fleshhoop"

Design features

Plastic, yellowish
The listed sizes are outer diameters!
Item-# Measurements
ZF-PRS-0533-021 Ø 533 mm
ZF-PRS-0559-022 Ø 559 mm
ZF-PRS-0572-022 Ø 572 mm
ZF-PRS-0584-023 Ø 584 mm
ZF-PRS-0597-023 Ø 597 mm
ZF-PRS-0610-024 Ø 610 mm
ZF-PRS-0616-024 Ø 616 mm
ZF-PRS-0635-025 Ø 635 mm
ZF-PRS-0648-025 Ø 648 mm
ZF-PRS-0660-025 Ø 660 mm
ZF-PRS-0673-026 Ø 673 mm
ZF-PRS-0686-027 Ø 686 mm
ZF-PRS-0699-027 Ø 699 mm
ZF-PRS-0705-027 Ø 705 mm
ZF-PRS-0711-028 Ø 711 mm
ZF-PRS-0724-028 Ø 724 mm
ZF-PRS-0737-029 Ø 734 mm
ZF-PRS-0762-030 Ø 762 mm
ZF-PRS-0775-030 Ø 775 mm
ZF-PRS-0787-031 Ø 787 mm
ZF-PRS-0800-031 Ø 800 mm
ZF-PRS-0813-032 Ø 813 mm
ZF-PRS-0838-033 Ø 838 mm
ZF-PRS-0851-033 Ø 851 mm
ZF-PRS-0864-034 Ø 864 mm
ZF-PRS-0876-034 Ø 876 mm
ZF-PRS-0889-035 Ø 889 mm
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