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Kalfo Goat Skins round

The sound of natural skins is unmatched!

In contrary to calfskin heads goatskin heads sound softer, are shorter and less present and have less overtones. Because of their different stretching behavior the instrument’s tonerange reduces of 10 – 15%. Goatskin heads are however a pricing alternative to calfskin heads.

Send in your flkeshhoops - we tuck them for you with new skins! We also will be glad to show you our new fleshhoops made from high-class quality steel.

Versions and variants to "Kalfo Goat Skins round"

Design features

natural skin, white
Item-# Measurements
ZF-PZ0-0760-RUN Ø 76 cm
ZF-PZ0-0810-RUN Ø 81 cm
ZF-PZ0-0860-RUN Ø 86 cm
ZF-PZ0-0910-RUN Ø 91 cm
ZF-PZ0-0960-RUN Ø 96 cm
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