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Kalfo Calf Skins round

The sound of natural skins is unmatched!

We exclusively keep selected high-class calfskin heads of an equal thickness and visual stainlessness.
The backbone is exactly centered; no salt spots. Send in your flkeshhoops - we tuck them for you with new skins! We also will be glad to show you our new fleshhoops made from high-class quality steel.

Versions and variants to "Kalfo Calf Skins round"

Design features

natural skin, clear
Item-# Measurements
ZF-PV0-0760-RUN Ø 76 cm
ZF-PV0-0790-RUN Ø 79 cm
ZF-PV0-0810-RUN Ø 81 cm
ZF-PV0-0860-RUN Ø 86 cm
ZF-PV0-0910-RUN Ø 91 cm
ZF-PV0-0960-RUN Ø 96 cm
ZF-PV0-1000-RUN Ø 100 cm
ZF-PV0-1040-RUN Ø 104 cm
ZF-PV0-1070-RUN Ø 107 cm
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