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Open Air Festival

With weatherproof „acoustiCoating“ Surface

As always the focus is on the sound. Only the highest grade woods are selected for their tried and tested tone producing qualities. Over 160 years of drum building experience with a harmonious coordination of depth and diameter result in shells of superb quality.

Our “Outdoor Festival” range was conceived with an emphasis on weather-insensitive and low-maintenance design. The outside shell is coated with acoustioating, specially developed to be both completely waterproof and resistant to mechanical damage and scratches. acoustioating is constituted in such a way that it does not hinder the shell vibration but allows the sound to project and develop freely.

Product Features

Tab Screws
All lugs, hooks and tuning screws are elaborately hand polished and afterwards chrome-plated or prov...
„acoustiCoating“ is a specially developed coating which is...
Standing back Rims
Depending on the head tension, the rims are flush with the shell edge or even stand back behind it.
Steel rims
The rims are made of tempered high-quality steel to ensure a smooth power transfer at any point of t...
Shell from tonewood
The wood used for the shell is selected by hand and processed to sturdy laminated ply-wood with beau...
Sunk-in Tension Screws All tension screws are sunk in the claw hooks. This avo...

Versions and variants to "Open Air Festival"

Design features

Shell made from birch, rims from tempered high-quality steel, hand polished chromed fittings, wing-screws, extra sturdy casted claw hooks with integrated tension screw insulators and rim protectors.
Item-# Shell/Bowl (Inch)Shell/Bowl (cm)HeadsTension ScrewsShell material
KB-OF6-2823-2HM 28" x 23" 71,0 x 57,0 FiberSkyn/Renaissance 12 Birke
KB-OF8-2823-2HM 28" x 23" 71,0 x 57,0 FiberSkyn/Renaissance 16 Birke
KB-OF8-3223-2HM 32" x 23" 81,0 x 57,0 FiberSkyn/Renaissance 16 Birke
KB-OF0-3223-2HM 32" x 23" 81,0 x 57,0 FiberSkyn/Renaissance 20 Birke
KB-OF8-3623-2HM 36" x 23" 91,0 x 57,0 FiberSkyn/Renaissance 16 Birke
KB-OF0-3623-2HM 36" x 23" 91,0 x 57,0 FiberSkyn/Renaissance 20 Birke
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