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Universal Flexi-Carrier

The new generation of intelligent carrying systems

The "Universal Flexi-Carrier" is a completely new concept of flexible carrier systems, suitable for 4 different types of drums: An ergonomically padded and highly reinforced support system with adjustable shoulder and hip straps offers unprecedented wearing comfort and functionality!

The supporting back part as well as the shoulder and waist straps are designed according to ergonomic aspects and are generously padded with breathable spacer fabric. The padded belly plate absorbs weight from the shoulders and distributes it to the rigid back plate, which allows the drum to be worn comfortably over extended periods.

Product Features

Individual belt positioning
Various darts on the flexible belly plate allow optimal belt guidance, depending on your physique. I...
Quickly adjustable belt system
All straps can be quickly fastened or loosened with only one hand.
6 solid revolving snap hooks
prevent twisting of the belts and thus cutting
Ergonomically shaped hip pads
They run along the waist and allow maximum freedom of movement. They prevent the belts from being in...
Ergonomically shaped shoulder pads
They are bent outwards, so that they lie clean on the shoulders and do not press on the neck. They d...
Reinforced back plate
The reinforced back part absorbs the main load of the carried instrument; An ergonomic padding with ...
Highly cushioned flexible belly plate
It takes the weight from the shoulders and distributes it to the back plate. At the same time it pro...

Versions and variants to "Universal Flexi-Carrier"

Design features

Black textile, anatomically back plate padded with breathable spacer fabric, shoulder and waist straps designed according to ergonomic aspects, padded belly plate with integrated stick holder, 6 solid revolving snap hooks
Item-# DesignMeasurements
ZH-CAR-FLEX-UNI Textil, schwarz S - XXL
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